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No more guessing. Test!

"HTMA shows how the body's energy system is out of balance and how to use nutrition and diet to correct it. Once the body's energy and stamina are restored, it can heal other problems on its own."

                                                                                                           Edward Gogek, M.D. 

HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) is a non-evasive lab test that measures the mineral content of your hair.  Your hair can provide specific information about your metabolism, cellular health, toxic metal exposure, mineral deficiencies and imbalances, energy production, nutritional status, and a variety of common health conditions. I use the information I gather from the HTMA test to help my clients restore their metabolic energy and stamina so that their bodies have enough energy to use their own innate intelligence to bring about balance and healing. 

"Minerals have interrelationships with every other nutrient. Without optimal mineral levels within the body, the other nutrients are not effectively utilized."

                                                                                                    Dr. Emanual Cheraskin

The GI-MAP is a single collection stool test from Diagnostic Solutions that uses DNA analysis to assess health or disease risks from microorganisms that inhabit the body. These microbes may be disturbing normal microbial balance or contributing to illness. It detects parasites, bacteria, fungi, viral pathogens, Helicobacter Pylori, beneficial bacteria, dysbiotic bacteria, potential autoimmune triggers, and intestinal health markers.

I use the GI MAP to look for and identity pathogens in the microbiome that create imbalances in the digestive tract. These pathogens can also create hormonal imbalances as a byproduct. With the information I gather from the results I create a unique protocol that will help to correct the digestive imbalance and restore optimal function. 

MRT Food Sensitivity Panel is a blood test that quantifies reactions to 176 foods and food chemicals. Sensitivities to foods and food chemicals can play a role in many chronic symptoms and health problems. When food sensitivities are at the root of your symptoms, identifying reactive foods and chemicals is the first step in getting better. Adverse food reactions can be delayed up to 72 hours after ingestion, making it very difficult to identify foods we are sensitive to without testing. Once identified, I work with the client to remove these food triggers. I use both the GI-MAP and MRT-176 tests in conjunction so that any gut issues are also addressed, including intestinal permeability. With this, we resolve the mechanism by which the food sensitivities were created in the first place.  



Disclaimer: Laboratory testing is performed to determine the areas of dysfunction, but are not used to diagnose or treat disease. Testing helps serve as guides to assess for dysfunction and support healing by optimizing function of the body.

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